Fun Friday…see a movie this weekend!

It’s raining cats and dogs in California, which is the best excuse to take shelter in a movie theater and catch up on those Oscar nominees before the big night, February 26th! I’ve seen quite a few in the past month or so and here are my critiques.

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LaLaLand…It’s a fun movie and I loved it more the second time around. It’s basically a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie combined with a bit of Casablanca. Lovely and just a nice way to spend a couple of hours. I’d highly recommend!

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Arrival…I really liked it, but I know some who didn’t like it at all. I’m not a huge fan of sci-fi, but this movie is more about communication and relationships. It is one of those movies that should definitely be seen on the big screen, so don’t wait for the dvd on this one.

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Fences…It’s intense!…and it’s a play made into a movie, which is hard to ignore. Lots of dialogue, not much set change…again, like a play. The acting is incredible to be sure, but again, it’s intense and not uplifting.

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Manchester by the Sea…nice scenery, good acting, but I hated the end and it’s a bit depressing….but definitely worth seeing.

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Hidden Figures...In my opinion, the best movie of the year! Uplifting, great acting, & true story. How is it that we haven’t heard about these women before??

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Lion…another big favorite of mine. Compelling, true story… really well done, great acting and thought provoking.

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Moonlight….this is the one I’ll be seeing this weekend during the rainstorm! Stay tuned

Hell or High Water and Hacksaw Ridge….no intention of seeing these, so you’re on your own!

…and lastly, it’s not up for any awards this year (I don’t think it was out in time), but I really liked A United Kingdom too…another true story!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. Jeanine, watching movies is exactly what my family intends to do this weekend!!!! We plan to see United Kingdom and A Dog’s Purpose!!!! We were planning to watch Arrival at home ! We have seen many of the same movies that you have seen and we have very similar opinions!!!! Hope to run into you at a theatre!!! xoxoxox

  2. Don’t rule out “Hell or High Water”. A really good film! Jeff Bridges is great and so is Chris Pine (and yummy to look at 😉
    Worth a look!

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