Memories of Love for Sale

If you’ve been to Paris before June of 2015 you, most likely, saw this scene on the Pont des Arts (Bridge of Arts)…tangible expressions of love that many people, mostly tourists, love to become a part of by attaching their own lock. There were even lock vendors waiting to pounce on the honeymooners and lovers excited to leave a piece of themselves and become part of Paris. I have to admit, it looked pretty cool & colorful, and it was fun reading all the names and places of those who had partaken of the love-fest.

this pic is from my 2012 trip…when the locks hadn’t completely taken over

Unfortunately, what they didn’t know is that the bridge was buckling under all that weight…even having to close for a bit in 2014 due to damage. So, what to do? The Deputy Mayor of Paris decided back in 2015 that, for safety reasons, the padlocks would all have to be removed…and replaced with plexiglass panels, thus restoring the beautiful view of the Seine and the Île de la Cité beyond. I think the native Parisians, for the most part were happy. But what would become of all those locks? Will they just throw them in the local dump or melt them down to be recycled?

Nope…they’re going to auction them off…and you can get in on the action! The auction takes place this Saturday, May 13th and here’s a link to the website if you want to own a little piece of Paris love. They’ll be sold in little bunches affixed to cobblestones or wood bases…or buy a whole panel, although that shipping charge would be sky-high!

…and the real bonus?…all the proceeds will go to organizations supporting refugees. “All these benefits will be entirely devoted to actions of solidarity and support for refugees that we welcome on the Parisian territory,” said Bruno Julliard, the Deputy Mayor. It’s a win-win! You get a little piece of history, while helping those in need. Let the bidding begin!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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