The Power of Flowers

This was supposed to go out Wednesday, but I had some technical issues on the blog. You may have gotten that wonky test post🤦‍♀️ … better late than never ….

I’m a somewhat recent listener, and fan, of the Mel Robbin’s podcast. A few days ago the topic was flowers and the science-backed research on how flowers make you happier. I was all in! I love flowers … who doesn’t? Anywhoooo, she referenced THIS Harvard study and THIS study at Rutgers which both sing the praises of having fresh flowers within your home and/or workplace. I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes version of all the reasons why you should have fresh flowers in your environment.

According to the studies, flowers can …

  • boost your mood
  • boost your mental well-being
  • strengthen feelings of compassion towards others
  • decrease anxiety and worry
  • boost your energy

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all of those benefits? … and in such an easy way! Sure, you could go to a florist and buy a big bouquet and spend a ton of money …. OR … you could go to Trader Joe’s (or your local supermarket) and get a simple bouquet of 10 stems of daffodils for $2.00 or splurge on peonies for $10.00. Break up that bouquet and put a few stems in your bedroom, so it’s one of the first things you see when you wake up, and scatter the rest in small jars or vases around the house.

Think of a time that you received flowers … a birthday, an illness, after the death of a family member, Mother’s/Father’s Day, moving to a new home. How did they make you feel? I would venture to guess you felt seen, loved, appreciated. Just knowing someone thought of you is a gift in and of itself, but the lasting gift of the flowers that you get to enjoy for days on end just re-iterates that feeling every time you see them. The gift that keeps on giving!

The study goes on to say that giving flowers is also a gift that impacts you positively. It’s a gift that makes you feel more emotionally connected to the person you’re giving them to. They are an extension of how much that person means to you. What a beautiful sentiment.

I know there are some that think they are a waste of money and “they just die!,” but these two studies prove otherwise. Sure, they do die, but if you change the water, cut the stems and basically just care for them a bit, they can last a bit longer. Isn’t it worth it to have a little joy in your life, whether it lasts two days or two weeks. It’s a small price for a big impact.

… and there’s no need to wait for someone to give you flowers! You deserve things of beauty. Give them to yourself and enjoy all the positive feelings & emotions that envelope you every time you look at those flowers. … Or if nothing else, stop and smell the flowers on a walk around your neighborhood!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The Earth Laughs in Flowers!”


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