Paris in Bloom

I went to Paris almost the exact same week of April five years ago and, although it was cathartic and healing back then, this past trip to Paris was so completely different. I still believe, as I did back then, that the best way to see Paris is by wandering the little alleys and back streets, but the biggest difference this time was that Paris was in full bloom…which in hind-sight is literally the difference in my life from then to now.

The weather was dreary and colder five years ago…as was my personal life. In contrast, this time I stayed in the beautiful, cheery home of my new friend, Caroline, the weather was gorgeous, the sun was out and every tree, shrub and flower bed was screaming “Hello Spring, I’m here! Take pictures!” I know it’s stupidly cliche, but Paris was literally calling out to ‘stop and smell the roses/flowers!’ ….and I did…and this experience was magical!

Come and wander with me….

On the way and including The Luxembourg Gardens

you should have seen the people posing in front of this as if taking selfies…

la femmes aux pommes (‘woman with apples’….& really gorgeous flowers behind her!)
more tulips

a few window boxes, but really I just love this colorful little street

On to the Petit and Grand Trianon at Versailles…

I couldn’t get enough of the canopy of trees all over Paris and Versailles
no blooms yet, but can you imagine how spectacular this looks with flowers/greenery draping above

…and back to Paris, wandering near the Île de la Cité and the Tuileries…

if you go to Shakespeare and Company, wander upstairs and get this unique view of Notre Dame

I think this is my favorite pic from this trip….spectacular colors!

This is the edited version…so many more blooms and smells that I didn’t post. Stay tuned for some beautiful blooms in my Foodie Friday from Chartres.

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. Beautiful! I’ve only been to Paris in the Winter. Glad you had a wonderful time & look forward to seeing more!

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