Foodie Friday…Carnitas Tacos

full disclosure…photo cred Food Network…I ate mine before I took a pic, but they looked pretty much like this!

My son likes to cook…lucky Kate!…and when I was in NY last week for the birth of baby Jude he had already thawed a pork butt when labor started (TMI??)

Anyway, the third morning, before Austin and I headed to the hospital, he shared this recipe for Carnitas with me that is AMAZING! We literally seasoned it and threw it in the slow cooker and off we went…coming home to an incredible smell and Carnitas Tacos homecoming dinner for Kate and baby Jude.

I got home last Saturday (snow delay!!) and made it again this past Tuesday in my tiny crock pot. I had the butcher cut the regular sized piece of meat into 4 pieces so it would fit in my little pot. It was so easy, very inexpensive and I got three meals from this little piece. One I made tacos, but the other two I just brought it to work for lunch with a little cheese on top and some sliced avo….delish!! Since I needed a much smaller portion I halved the following recipe….this is for a normal size pork butt for normal sized crockpot. Perfection!!

Here you go…courtesy of Chef Austin…. (yes, there are quite a few ingredients, but you just have to rub them on, throw it in and go)

Carnitas Tacos

pork butt (I just bought one and had it cut into 4 pieces)

Rub the pork butt, generously, with all of the above ingredients.

4-5 jalapenos…diced and seeded
1 onion diced
4 bay leaves
lots of minced garlic ….I use the cubes from TJ’s, he uses the minced jar
juice of 4 limes
juice of 2-3 oranges
little can of chili adobo

I diced the onion and placed it on the bottom of the crockpot, added the pork butt and then added all the remaining ingredients. Put it on low for 8 hours.

Take it out and shred it and return to the crock pot.

Let it go another hour with all those yummy juices. You can make sandwiches, tacos…myriad of options…or just eat it with a little cheese on top, as I did. Thanks Austin….Amazing!

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