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So I usually do some research before traveling to a foreign land…about the places to see and restaurants to go to. I knew our trip to Copenhagen would involve lots of rowing, so needed to plan that one great meal on Saturday night when our races were over to savor a long, well deserved, meal. Okay, I could have tried to get into NOMA, with a price of over $300…but who knew Copenhagen had so many amazing restaurants to choose from? How about a 1 Michelin Star meal in the kitchen somewhere else? AMASS was the answer and it didn’t disappoint. I opted for “Table 153”, a special table with a maximum of 8 guests (you can only reserve 4 though). I love the idea of a shared table with people you don’t know. It makes for great conversation and a sharing of cultures & ideas that you wouldn’t experience at a regular table.



Amass is in a weird, kind of out of the way, area… but still right next to the canals and city. It’s almost an industrial area. You enter an unassuming corridor and are transported into a space that opens up to high ceilings and dramatic landscape for the senses. A great outdoor space and a sparse modern indoor experience. When we arrived we were given a glass of wine and went out to explore the garden and the sunset.


Table 153 is right next to the kitchen, which is always such a show in and of itself. The weird thing about having a eight course meal of small plates is that it’s hard to describe how amazing the food is and the menu just looks so out there…so you’ll just have to take my word for it that you should go and experience this awesome restaurant!



So, here’s the menu….


..and pics to go along with the menu (photos courtesy of Patricia Gatewood)

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This was my favorite…the mushrooms were amazing!



that little chip on the bottom of this amazing dessert is made from coffee grounds…so imaginative…they don’t waste anything!


gotta love a place with a sense of humor…this guy sits on the bar
…and this is your parting gift!

My mouth is salivating just reliving this meal…and feast for the senses!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails! 


  1. I LOVE pretentious food!!! Haha….it looks absolutely amazing. And leave it to you to find a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen. It’s why I love traveling with you! So thorough. Thanks for taking us on that experience with you!

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