Foodie Friday…two restaurants, three countries

Back in 2010 when Taylor was studying abroad in Forence, Italy we got several restaurant recommendations…one being Acqua Al 2…and “you have to try the trio steak sampler”

So, when I was planning the trip, I made reservations here and that started a chain of dining adventures that was so much fun!  We did indeed have the “Assaggio di Secondi A trio of house steaks” which consisted of steak, separated in three servings with three different sauces…blueberry reduction, balsamic reduction and green peppercorn/brandy cream sauce. OMG…so good. It was back in 2010, so I don’t remember what everyone had, but I know we loved everything!

Then we found out there were two more…one in Washington DC and one in Old Town, San Diego. So Taylor and I drove her car back to NY for her senior year of college and stopped in DC on the way. Let’s go to Acqua Al 2! We did, got the steak sampler again, among other things and it didn’t disappoint.

Of course I live in California, so we went to the one in San Diego too…just not sure when. Unfortunately that one has closed now. I just thought it was cool that we went to the only three restaurants in the world opened by the same group. It wasn’t like going to McDonald’s…or some other restaurant chain, all over the world, if you know what I mean! Unfortunately I don’t have any personal pics from these restaurants, since my computer died long before I saved those pics….so these “stock” photos off the internet will have to do.

When I was in NYC in July of 2015, I finally went to a restaurant I’d been yearning to go to, Buvette. Such an adorable little bistro, with really good food and I knew there was one in Paris, which I assumed was the original. I loved it and went back with A&K when I was there in December 2015 and yearned for the day I could visit the original in Paris.

Well, last month I was able to visit Buvette in the Montmarte area of Paris and, although it is cute, I think the one in NYC is cuter and more charming….and I found out that the original is actually the one in NYC…not Paris. I’d recommend going if you’re ever in NYC….or Paris too for that matter.

So, there you have it….two restaurants, three countries! Now I have to find another restaurant with locations in far-off lands. Do you know of any? I’m always looking for that next adventure…and good food!

Have a great weekend!

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