Friday Fun…theme parties…and entertaining!

It’s always so much fun to throw a party or event with a theme. Over the years I’ve thrown numerous themed birthday parties for the kids/the was-band, retirement (which also was a surprise party for me…that’s a whole different post), traveling, Paris, NY and many other themed parties.

It was announced this past January that Will and Grace was coming back for a 10-episode reunion…after 10 years away…and I was so excited! Last night was the first episode and it didn’t disappoint!

My sister, Mariellen, and I decided last week that we should watch it together, and of course we’d run with a theme….NYC inspired with gay undertones! Here’s the evening in pictures….

….we collaborated on the menu and I did the cooking (Taylor & Dan made some fabulous NY Pumpernickel bread that I forgot to include on the menu board)….

…but Mariellen came through with the following clever signs & treats….

…and then it was time for dessert….and showtime!

The consensus was that they still had it and their comedic timing was still spot on!….but there were a couple of scenes where they tried a bit too hard (the oval office pillow fight???) I’m excited that Will and Grace is back, that it’s already been picked up for a second season, looking forward to next week and happy to have had the excuse to throw a themed dinner party!!

I know there are many people that say it’s just stressful and hard to throw a dinner party or invite people over. One of my favorite “entertaining” cook books is from Colin Cowie and he basically says that entertaining is about enjoying time with friends and/or family. “You don’t have to prepare everything you serve. You get no medals. Besides, if the baker down the road bakes a better lemon tart than you, you should buy his.” I don’t really like baking, so I usually ask others who love it and are much better at it to take on that part of the meal. Continuing, he says “One thing that has not changed is the reason we entertain. It’s to bring people together and create an opportunity to treat every person around you like royalty…” It’s really just a nice excuse to get together and socialize.

Whether you have a theme or not, invite people over…you’ll be richer for the experience!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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