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Have you ever been over someone’s house and you can’t even imagine where they came up with some of their incredibly creative decorating ideas?  I was over my friend Kym’s house during the holidays and left there in awe of her and her home.  She’s one of those people that just changes things around in their home on a whim and it always looks so darn cute and cozy…and did I say creative!!  Now I’m sure you’re dying to see what I’m talking about!  Enjoy….



The first thing you notice when you walk in the front door is that the old entryway closet has been converted….to an English telephone booth…SO cute!  Check out the stacked vintage suitcases on the overhead shelf.


It’s too bright to see, but that’s a lighted “telephone” sign above the bench.


…and who would think of painting an old iron hall tree and hanging old phones on it?? Kym!


Then you look up and this is the chandelier!  Ridiculously creative!


The first bathroom…a little lamp with neckties for a lampshade and tied around the base.


Turn to right in the same bathroom and this fun clock is affixed to the wall.

IMAG3113Continuing down the hallway to the first bedroom dressed all in white…look at those lights that illuminate from behind the curtains…that’s a statement headboard!


….and the bedside tables can always be used as chairs if necessary.

IMAG3116This is creative bathroom #2 with a couple of trees crafted from paper and a window jutting out to the side yard over the bathtub.

IMAG3117yup…this is the view from the toilet of the paper tree.

IMAG3118This is another bedroom with faux fireplace…black, white and green motif.


Office/library/exercise room #3 is wallpapered in maps….I should have taken more pics of this room….she made a Christmas tree out of stacked books and lights sitting atop an ottoman…



On to the kitchen….more adorableness!



a mirror in the bar area surrounded by fruits and vegetables…yes, they’re fake, but so realistic.


Signature Holiday Sangria…the tablecloths were black chalk paper…everything on the menu was written on the tables.


Kitchen Christmas tree….a tree in every room.


Twinkle lights in the kitchen fireplace give the illusion of a fire…without the mess.


over the door to the backyard


On to the living room…an old pew…re-imagined…spectacular!


extra chairs at the ready up on the wall…with more Christmas trees of course!


This picture does not do this piano justice….decoupaged, with faux TV on top holding an ipad that plays music (a new kind of “player piano”)  The sheet music holder has been yarn bombedand behind the piano is a iron headboard holding a Merry Christmas garland. So much going on in this pic!


a little closer view.

IMAG3115Let’s step outside…this is the cozy side yard with fountain, twinkle lights and seating.


Step through this arbor & small bridge to the summer veggie garden (out of sight on the left).


…and what would an adorable backyard be without a softly lit gazebo?


Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour…there’s so much more to see in this gem of a home…I’ll have to go back again with my camera!

Thanks for letting me share your little slice of heaven Kym!  You are an amazingly creative person and I always love seeing the treasures you’ve transformed in your home!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!  


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