Happy Anniversary…and Happy Thanksgiving!


Little Hosmer Pond, Craftsbury, VT….just because it’s beautiful and peaceful

I was just looking back at this past year of blogging and realized that my very first post was a year, and a couple of weeks, ago…11.12.2014.  It’s kind of weird, but I don’t think I consciously meant to click the “Publish” button on that specific day….the day after what would have been my 30th wedding anniversary…11.11.2014.  When I think about it now, though, I’m sure it was somewhat intentional, if not subliminally, to start a new chapter and really feel like I’m moving forward with my life.


It was fun to go back and reflect on my adventures, realizations, and the gratitude I truly feel for the life that’s been given to me.  Sooooo, happy blogging anniversary to me!  I hope my adventures continue, that there’s always something to write about and that hopefully, in some small way, that the attitude I put forth helps others to appreciate everything they have…family, friends and this amazing life!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving 2011 090[1]
Throwback to one of the original Raab Thanksgivings

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. I don’t believe in coincidences…it must have been in the plan for you to share one year ago. As I think of Thanksgiving this week, I am thankful for your gif of writing and insights. I look forward to it each and every week. God Bless you. xo

  2. I so enjoy reading your blog and all the inspirations you give us. We are blessed to have you move forward and continue this journey called life. Happy Thanksgiving friend. Love you!

  3. Your colorful, insightful blog has been a journey that has enriched all of our lives. I look forward to opening it up each time it arrives in my inbox. BTW….love that Thanksgiving spread pic!!

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