It’s Awards Time…go see a movie


I’ve been on a theater going binge…trying to see all the Golden Globe nominees/winners ….and possible Oscar contenders before nominations were announced yesterday morning. It’s fun going to a matinee in the middle of the day…and cheaper…so grab some popcorn and head into the theater. Here’s my take on what I’ve seen in order of preference…

Brooklyn…My personal favorite so far.  Visually it’s stunning and I think it should win for cinematography (but it probably won’t!).  I read the book and the movie was true to the book…a good story.  Favorite!

Spotlight…Fascinating, true, story about the cover-up of the priest pedophile scandal that rocked the Roman Catholic church.  Second favorite!

Joy…I really enjoyed this movie….another true one!  It’s basically the same cast as Silver Linings Playbook, which didn’t bother me at all.  I could watch Bradley Cooper and J-Law in many more movies.  Third favorite!

The Danish Girl…Eddie Redmayne is excellent!  It’s a sad, true story…it might bum you out.  I’d still recommend!

The Big Short…After watching this movie I came out of the theater thinking my head was going to explode…WOW!!  So much information, very well explained, and mind-boggling why and how the financial collapse happened.  I’d recommend…just for the information it communicates.

Concussion…Will Smith was amazing!  Very sad, compelling story about the NFL and their dealing with the subject of concussions.  Kind of made me feel bad about how much I love football.  I’d recommend!

Carol…it was a good movie, again visually beautiful, and Cate Blanchett will probably be up for best actress, but I think it was a “forbidden love” story like Romeo & Juliet or Silver Linings Playbook.  I think the reason it’s getting so much hype is because it’s one of the first mainstream movies dedicated to lesbian lovers.  I know I’m more free-thinking than some people, but to me it was just a nice love story…yes, a lesbian love story…but a love story. It’s set in a time when lesbian love was not acceptable, like Brokeback Mountain, which is compelling, but eh?  Am I wrong in my assumption that this is the reason it’s getting so much hype and press??  I’d wait for the DVD.

Beasts of No Nation (you can watch this on Netflix)…Sad, violent, movie, about child soldiers and war.  Probably something you should see just to empathize with the unfortunate plight of those in the world (…and Syrian refugees?) who endure the atrocities of war.

Steve Jobs…Michael Fassbender was great as Jobs and Kate Winslet was even better as his assistant.  I felt like it was more a story of how his assistant was the only one he listened to and a relationship he had, but doesn’t quite acknowledge.  I’d wait for the DVD.

The Revenant….I’m thinking Leonardo DiCaprio will win the Oscar because he was really good,  as was the whole cast, but it’s a cowboys and Indians kind of movie.  Lots of fighting, blood, grudges, etc… It was visually beautiful, I’ll give it that….and the musical score was nice.  Some things were just a little far-fetched (even though it’s based on true events) ….the guy would have died of hypothermia more than once.  It’s like Bear Grylls on steroids. I’d wait for the DVD, although it probably won’t be as beautiful or powerful on your TV as the big screen.

I haven’t seen, nor will I see anytime soon, some of the really popular ones…like Star Wars, Mad Max, The Hateful Eight or The Martian…but I’m still planning on seeing The Lady in the Van, Room (I read the book…so good…read it before you see the movie!), Inside Out (I’ll Netflix this one too) and Son of Saul (foreign film from Hungary that won the Golden Globe).

That’s it…enjoy a movie this weekend!

 You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. Yay, Jeanine – well forecasted!
    Here in Ireland we’re thrilled to have so many nominations this year !! 9 on fact! (despite the Brits claiming some as ‘British’ !!)

    Room & Brooklyn both nominated for Best Picture.

    Room also nominated for
    Screenplay -Emma Donoghue, Irish
    Director – Lenny Abrahamson, Irish
    Producer- Ed Guiney, Irish, (went to my kids’ school)…
    Actress Brie Larson (who isn’t Irish)

    Brooklyn also nominated for
    Actress – Saoirse Ronan, Irish(although technically Saoirse was actually born in USA!),
    Director – John Crowley, Irish

    ‘Stutterer’ was nominated for best Live Action category – writer + director Benjamin Cleary, Irish.

    And finally, Michael Fassbender nominated as best actor in Steve Jobs!

  2. Nice picks! I totally agree about Revenant, and I actually felt like it was a self-indulgent Leo movie. His acting task, as far as I’m concern isn’t even in the same league with Eddie Redmayne. YOU MUST SEE ROOM, it will completely take you in. It is heart wrenching and the acting is amazing.

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