NY Adventures…I’m still in Brooklyn!


I had originally planned to take an Uber to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but it was a little after 2:00, I’d walked for quite awhile and changed my plans (I think jet-lag was creeping in?!). As I strolled up Atlantic Avenue I got distracted about 1/2 mile up by this adorable cat cafe! I had to see what it was about, but it didn’t open until 3 so I had a 45 minutes to kill….what to do?! A glass of wine and a little appetizer to sustain me, of course! I stopped a few doors down at Brado Thin Crust Pizza and sat outside at a cafe table. Another fabulous people-watching opportunity! I wasn’t really hungry, but it’s hard to resist their yummy menu, so I ordered an appetizer of goat cheese, caramelized onions and prosciutto crisp crostini. A picture is worth a thousand words…


RIDICULOUS! So good! So, when 3:00 rolled around I popped in to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe. How fun would it be to visit this place if you live in a small NYC apartment that doesn’t allow pets….or you just don’t have the time/money/lifestyle for a furry friend. It’s a $5 donation and the cats/kittens are available for adoption. It was adorable just sitting there, petting them and watching the interaction between the people and animals. You can watch them too on their live kittycam!




Okay, enough of that…time to get back to A&K’s apartment. Atlantic Avenue has cute little shops and cafe’s…and there’s even a Barney’s. At the corner of Atlantic and Court, where I turn right, is the biggest Trader Joe’s I’ve ever seen! It’s in an old bank building and so cool. I couldn’t resist seeing the inside, so stopped for some flowers.



I finally made it back to the apartment around 5 and just relaxed. On his way home from work, around 6:45ish, Austin put our name in at a pizza place that they really like….our table would be ready around 8:45-9ish. It seemed like a crazy long wait, but they just call you when you’re table is ready, so what the heck! As luck would have it, their friend, Steve, just found out he had passed the test that made him an official licensed architect..woohoo, another reason to celebrate. So, Kate made it home from work, we popped a bottle of champagne, and then it was time to walk over to Henry St and see what Lucali was all about!


Okay…let me just say that this is the best deal I’ve ever had while in NYC! It’s BYOB, which is always cheaper, they have pizzas and calzones and it’s cash only. We ordered one pizza and one calzone. The pizza was some of the best I’ve had…such awesome thin crust dough with that bubble that is crisped up perfectly! We had leftovers and the bill was a whopping $54.00…FIFTY-FOUR-DOLLARS…WHAT!!! The restaurant is so quaint too!  You must go…just be patient!

they use wine bottles to roll out the dough!





So, the owner walked in towards the end of our meal and we proceeded to follow Kate as she walked into the backyard garden and started chatting him up! It was awesome!

The end of another perfect NYC day…this one spent entirely in Brooklyn! (I still have to see the Botanic Garden…so much to see, so little time!)


You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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