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bi parage

The parade starts with the singing of the National Anthem

As I sit on my bed reading the NY Times this morning (it’s Sunday…even though you’re reading this on Wednesday) …have I mentioned how much I love Sunday morning?….the activity out on Marine Ave starts to come alive!  The annual Balboa Island parade doesn’t start until 11, but the excitement outside my window is palpable.  Children squealing, chairs lining the street since last night, balloons and speakers being set up.  After a few mic checks…and halfway through my reading of the Times….I hear “What a Wonderful World”  blaring over the loud speakers and I’m kind of overcome with emotion.  Wow, this is so schmaltzy, corny Americana…and I LOVE IT!!


The theme this year was Anchors Away!



USC cheerleaders and marching band made an appearance


swing dancing in the streets


one of the many “dog” category entries


Mr. Irrelevant, Gerald Christian, made an appearance

I went to a party up in my old/new ‘hood last night to say farewell to the amazing Habing family as they begin their journey back to their hometown and family in Florida.  They will be missed.  It was such a fun, warm (as in loving & warm) party that only that neighborhood can convey.  As I’ve said before…a little piece of Shangri-La!

zig zag girls

So, as I leave this week for my son’s wedding, I am very emotional about how lucky I am, to have an amazing, beautiful wedding celebration to look forward to with family and friends…and so grateful for the this past weekend…old friends and new and the experiences past and yet to come.  Bring it on!!


We’re celebrating the union of these two fabulous people this weekend!

 You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!



  1. Okay, that made me very teary seeing the soon-to-be couple. Such an exciting weekend ahead. I might be a mess…perhaps I’ll stay back at the house and do tequila shots 😉

  2. Jeanine, I love your Blog!!! Congratulations again to Austin and Kate and to YOU!!!! Enjoy the celebration!!!!

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