Sunday Mornings…Oven Bacon Avocado wrap

I have bacon almost every Sunday…and only on Sunday. It’s my NY Times, Sunday morning ritual…that I love!! Most times I just have it by itself ’cause it really doesn’t need much help.

Who doesn’t love avocado toast?? I didn’t have any bread, but did have some butter lettuce, so decided to elevate my Sunday morning bacon by adding some avocado, some ginger dressing and making a, no bread, new version of avocado toast.

I’ve never been good at making bacon ’cause I’m impaitent, watch the pan, want the cooking over with, and inevitably it comes out a little too dark/burnt. The was-band was much better at bacon. When I started living alone I still wanted my bacon and realized that I’ve made large quantities of it in the oven when I needed it for a party. Why not do that in my toaster oven with just a few slices. BINGO! It comes out perfect every time and I can go about doing other things while it’s cooking.

Preheat oven to 325ºF

Line your toaster oven pan with aluminum foil and lay down your bacon. Set a timer for 25 minutes (give or take a few…you might want to start with 20 & adjust according to your oven’s finickiness)

Perfect crispiness every time!! ….and the cleanup is easy!

I took 1/2 avocado and mashed it up, adding a touch of kosher salt. I then plopped some on a piece of butter lettuce, placed the bacon on top and finished it with a little dollop of Makato ginger dressing. It would probably be good with a simple ponzu sauce too.

Elevate your bacon game this Sunday by making a lettuce wrap! Bon Appetit!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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