The Aran Island of Inis Oirr

Day 2 of my Irish sojourn took me to the Aran Island of Inis Oirr (pronounced Inisheer). Of course I’d done my research and saw that this, the smallest of the three Arans, had a lighthouse you could walk to. That sealed it for me! Booked my ferry ride over and spent a lovely day on this quintessential Irish island. Here are some pics…

these signs are at each notable stop on The Wild Atlantic Way (a somewhat new & brilliant marketing campaign for the west of Ireland’s beautiful coast)

love the way the Irish divide their land with beautiful stone fences

strike a pose beauty!
the remains of the Castle

At the end of the day I met up with Padraig & Grainne in Galway for dinner. We were joined by their granddaughter, Roise, who was off of school due to the bank holiday. After dinner we strolled the main pedestrian street in Galway called Quay Street and went into a, somewhat new, shop that carried items made in the Aran Islands. I didn’t have much room in my suitcase (I took carry on luggage size for almost 3 weeks away! I’ve become an efficient packer!) so wasn’t planning on buying anything…until I saw this chevron pattern throw in grey and teal that would go perfect in my home.

It included free shipping….BONUS! I had it mailed to my home and now, when I place this blanket over me for a nap, I’m immediately transported back to Ireland and the hug of extended family and cousins I never knew I had.

Next up…The World Got Smaller Part II My Irish Cousins

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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