Wedding Excitement and Thank yous!


The excitement is building for the wedding this weekend of my daughter, Taylor, to her beloved, Dan.  My son, Austin, and daughter-in-law, Kate arrived yesterday (I’m writing this on Thursday) and my heart is as full as my nest.  The feeling of having all four of them back in the home Austin & Taylor grew up in has made me teary many times today.


There will be countless runs to the airport in the next few days as family and friends arrive from near and far.  It takes a village to plan and implement a backyard wedding.  From the easier tasks of ordering food from a caterer and music from a dj…to the more laborious task of hanging a million lights from trees in the neighbors backyard it’s been so much fun, sometimes emotional, but always with a vision in mind that Taylor & Dan imagined over a year ago.  The amount of help from my family, neighbors and girlfriends has been nothing short of AWESOME…so, instead of making a really long speech at the wedding, I feel the need to thank them here….

  • To the Stahovich and Hughes families for all the prep work they’ve done and opening up your homes for the wedding…AMAZING!
  • To Mariellen for her expert home decorating to get my house ready for everyone’s arrival
  • To Tom for becoming a minister years ago and performing the wedding ceremonies of both my children
  • To Ann for her GORGEOUS & creative flower arranging skills for both weddings
  • To Jan, Mariellen, Sharon, Joanne, Maggie and Clare for your pre-wedding help and many errand runs
  • To Courtney, Mimi, Jerry, Sandi and Patty for tables, chairs, ironing, appetizer prep and un-ending support…and Darci and Denise for props
  • To Sharon T. for “getting her J-Lo on” and coordinating everything for the big day
  • To Monica for listening to every detail of both weddings and putting up with me day in and day out
  • To the Collery family for hosting the rehearsal dinner
  • To Clare & the Raab girls for two fabulous showers
  • To the was-band for hours spent hanging a million lights and preparing the backyard as Taylor & Dan had envisioned
  • To my amazing neighbors who let me beg, borrow and steal to make this day happen
  • …and anyone I’m forgetting :/
  • …and lastly, to my two children, Austin & Taylor and my two new children, Kate and Dan…thanks for being so damn fun, organized and making the past year a magical one!!



You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. I am so excited for you Jeanine. I got teary eyed just reading it knowing how much fun and what joy the day is going to bring. Having done the backyard wedding for my son I know it’s going to be a great time. Enjoy and Congrats to the kids!!

  2. L💓VE the pins on your H🔥T purple dress at the rehearsal!! The pride of your four fabulous ‘young adults’ is contagious and so enjoy seeing YOU beam with JOY! Let the festivities of the bright futures begin!! 💜 T&D

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