Dinner and a Show…among other things

the amazing view from my “home exchange” apartment in Brooklyn

Actually it should read “lots of dinners and a show” but that didn’t sound right. I was in NYC again a couple of weekends ago to visit Austin & Kate…joined by Taylor, my sister, Mariellen and her daughter, Clare. Mariellen suggested seeing the Broadway show “Dear Evan Hansen” and I thought it was a great idea. I’d heard it was amazing and a couple of weekends before we went it won the Tony for best musical and Ben Platt, as Evan, won for best actor. Both were well deserved!!

photo cred…Mariellen Bergman

I only kind of knew what the play was about, a socially awkward teen thrown into an uncomfortable scenario where he ultimately feels like he fits in. Honestly I wasn’t really sure about the subject matter and how it could be so good?? All I can say is Oh.My.God!! I haven’t seen Hamilton yet (I hope to on my next trip), but this is one of the most powerful plays and performances I’ve ever seen. After the first song, while the audience was applauding loudly, I said, along with the clapping “Holy Shit!”  It was that powerful! When we all met up at intermission we were in awe and somewhat speechless. What could possibly happen in the 2nd half? Needless to say, you just need to go see it if you’re in New York…..and bring tissues. Yes, the ticket prices are ridiculous, just like Hamilton, but this is a show and performance that we continued to talk about throughout the weekend. WOW!!

We stopped after the show for a drink and then made our way down to our restaurant reservations at Beauty and Essex. The food at this restaurant was amazing. It’s meant to be shared, which is my favorite style of eating. Lots of different flavors, spices, textures, presentations. Yummy and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

walk through a pawn shop to get to the restaurant. very speakeasy-ish!
grilled cheese, smoked bacon and tomato soup dumplings

I’d highly recommend dining here. I, purposefully, didn’t take any “food” pictures during the weekend (these are gleaned from the internet) because I decided I just wanted to enjoy the experience with family. We did, though, take plenty of group pics throughout the weekend….mostly at restaurants.

La Cigogne, Brooklyn….cute… Alsation cuisine
relaxing in Central Park
Tavern on the Green with Dan’s mom and sister….minus Dan 🙁
Lucali, Brooklyn

….and one of the highlights of the weekend…visiting my son’s State Farm office in Manhattan. If you know anyone who needs insurance in New York give him a call! So proud!!

goodnight New York…see you soon!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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