I wanna be Betty White..or Iris Apfel…when I grow up!

So, I was watching a reincarnation of “To Tell the Truth”, a very popular show back in the 60’s & 70’s, and one of the judges is Betty White.  She’s f*&%#ing amazing, funny and so talented. Halfway through the show I decide to ask my phone “how old is Betty White?” I knew she was up there in years, but I was SHOCKED to find out that she’s 94…WHAT??!  I thought she was in her mid/late 80’s!  She is the true definition of someone who is as young as she feels.  She is so sharp and witty and has a comeback line for everyone & everything on this very fast moving show. We should all have that joie de vivre in life…but she has carried it through for 94 years.

I’ve mentioned before how weird it is when so many similar things seem to come into one’s consciousness all at the same time…not a coincidence! I’m sure it’s because I’ve recently become a grandma (jammy will be the name for me…originally it was yaya, but this one fits me more), but it’s happening again (I’ll try not to bore you too much in the coming weeks and months with stories and pics of precious Rowan and the yet-to-be-born grandbaby coming in January).

Back in July, my friend, Barrie, gave me a book by Lesley Stahl titled Becoming Grandma and I’m loving and savoring it as I step into that role. There are so many great stories, scientific references and just fun uplifting information about becoming a grandparent. Back in June there was a Sunday morning show with Carl Reiner about a documentary on HBO called “If You’re not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast“, and finally, I stumbled upon an article about a show on Netflix titled “Impossible Dreamers.”

“If you’re in the Obit…” is an uplifting, funny journal of the lives of nonagenarians, people aged 90-99, and those over 100. When you think “I don’t want to live that long!” and then you watch this show, it changes your perception of what being that old means…and the possibility of it happening in your own life. I gleaned a few quotes from a few of those featured….

  • Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones said the capacity of the human body is age 90, a little higher for women, but life expectancy is 78…why? His book sets out to answer the question why. It’s on my “to-read” list.
  • the legendary, extremely prolific Carl Reiner says, among other things, there must be humor.
  • Stan Lee says that being old is like a whole new adventure, you can’t explain it to younger people.
  • Iris Apfel, whom I love, says just take advantage of being alive.
  • Dick Van Dyke says to keep moving
  • Jerry Seinfeld (who’s not old, but his mom lived to the ripe old age of 99 and she was one of those that inspired the show) says you must have love…and he goes on to say “love of anything”…love your coffee in the morning…whatever it is “love it!”
  • …and lastly, Tao Porchon-Lynch (featured in both documentaries) says that when you get up in the morning think “this is going to be the best day of your life” not about what you can’t do

“Impossible Dreamers” is the chronicling and interviewing of amazing senior athletes. You’ll feel a bit inadequate, but also truly inspired all at the same time by these strong, older athletes. Their determination and love of sport is infectious. It made me think, “WOW, I might still have 35+ years left in me!” I need to start exercising more!!

I have a couple of friends who really dread birthdays. I love them and always remind people when they get bummed about getting older that the alternative is worse! Enjoy your life while you still have it! Okay, we may not all live as long as the inspirational seniors and nonagenarians in these two documentaries, but, as Abraham Lincoln said “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years!”

….and all this thinking about babies, aging and grandparents made me miss my mom a bit. This song didn’t help…but it’s beautiful…take a listen (get tissues)!!

forgot to add this pic in last Monday’s post of these fabulous girls, that I’ve been friends with for over 40 years….I cherish their friendship & the history we have together!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. I love this! Thank you for reminding us that age is just a number and we should wear our age proudly. Love, laughter and exercise.

  2. Love this, thanks for sharing as I too (saw Sunday Morning Show) have been thinking about aging (and Joan)! YOU are most inspiring to me in the way you live your life, LOVE ya, Doreen

  3. I’d never heard that song before….belated condolences, Jeanine.
    And by the way, post those Rowan photos and experiences, looking forward to the!

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