Make New Friends…But Keep The Old

I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend in Palm Desert with some girlfriends that I’ve known since elementary and high school. We talked, and laughed, and talked, and reminisced…and talked some more. We stayed up late, looked up some old classmates to see what they were up to, had massages, saw a hilarious comedy show, hung out by the pool and had a ball together! It was like we’d just seen each other and picked up where we left off. It was just so easy laying around on patio chairs and couches catching up on each other’s lives.

the requisite selfie!
yeah…I know it’s a little blurry, but you gotta have the “night on the town” pic!

As I was driving home I reflected on my friendships and how lucky I am to have such amazing diverse people in my life. I have these longtime childhood friends, friends I’ve made through my children’s friendships, family that are friends, neighbors who have become friends and my rowing friends. I feel so, so blessed to have so many people to laugh with, to cry with, to be vulnerable with, and to share life’s experiences.

I’ve heard some people say, “I really don’t have that many people I consider close friends” and I feel sad for them, but then, different strokes for different folks, right?! I can’t imagine getting through life without my family and friends. They lift me up, they make me laugh, they’re always there for me. I need that! ….but a friend also reminded me, “…but you cultivate friendships…they don’t just happen”…and that is so true! If you take the time to be a friend, you will reap the benefits of long friendships.

So…if I were to give advice (if anybody asked me!?) to the younger generation, I’d tell them to hold on to their friendships, cultivate them, be loyal, trust, listen, laugh, be generous. The childhood friends I spent the weekend with re-connected at our 30 year high school reunion seven years ago (although MK and I have been in touch all along) and you’d never know we hadn’t seen or spoken to one another in years, had kids, husbands, was-bands, relationships, drama. We just picked up where we left off …and continue to do so. You will be rewarded one-thousand fold…and as you get older you will have those friendships, memories and history together that will sustain you through life’s ups and downs.

(p.s…there are definitely some friendships that aren’t worth cultivating, but you’ll know when it’s time to ease yourself out of someone’s life. God I sound old!!)

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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