Making More Memories in Michigan

It takes a long time to grow an old friend…John Leonard
There are five of us that have been friends since high school…3 of us since 1st grade! That’s a LOOOONG time! We reconnected at our 30th high school reunion and have been getting together almost yearly ever since. Four of us live in California and one, Nicole, lives just outside of Chicago. Most of our get-togethers take place in California, when Nicole is visiting her mom or other family member. For years she’s been telling us about her “cottage” in Michigan and that we should travel to her some time. We did just that a couple of weekends ago.
I lived in Illinois for five years back in the 80’s, where my children were born, but never really spent much time on the shores of Lake Michigan…now I wish I had!!
People actually asked us if we were nuns!
We coordinated our arrival times at Midway airport from various parts of California so we could hop in Nick’s car and be on our way for the short 2.5 hour drive from the airport . There wasn’t a moment of silence as we caught up on each other’s , lives, families and just about everything.
The first sunset as we drove to the cottage was spectacular….
Her “cottage” is a 4 bedroom home on Lake Michigan with a beautiful fireplace, a cozy living area & kitchen, and a large deck. So warm and inviting….and much more than a cottage. It was the perfect setting for our reunion weekend. We stayed up until after 1:00 that first night talking & laughing, as only long-time friends can do…and, hey, it was only 10:00 our time so we had plenty of energy.

Nicky had three full days of activities planned for us and it was so much fun!

Day one was the adorable town of South Haven, right on the water with the bonus of a beautiful lighthouse…

….with lunch at the local Captain Lou’s on the water

Day two we went apple picking at Crane Orchards, over 175 acres,…such a Fall activity, even if it was a little warm. I really loved the home town feeling of walking the orchard with friends…and so many other families enjoying a Fall day. There’s also a huge corn maze that we didn’t have time to explore, but just another fun thing to add to your itinerary should you find yourself in Michigan in the Fall. It felt very Americana! We made our way back to her home and took a leisurely stroll on the lake-beach (that’s what we called it all weekend because there were waves, sandy beaches and it looked like the ocean…. but it was Lake Michigan after all) looking for sea glass and driftwood. We finished the day with an amazing dinner from our daily bounty….fresh picked apple with goat cheese salad, grilled salmon, fresh corn from the stand and fresh apple pie…. (eating is an important part of any trip!)…..followed by another late night of laughing and reminiscing!

Day three was a visit to the adorable town of Saugatuck, voted one of 25 best shorelines by Condé Nast Traveler. The leaves were changing, there are numerous little shops and art galleries to meander through, and it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Dining on the water at Mermaid Cafe

…I brought a little end-of-the-trip “restore and renew facial & neck masks” that I would recommend for any girl weekend! We had so many laughs that I’m pretty sure “adult diapers” would have come in handy! We could not stop laughing and had lots of fun taking pictures….and our skin felt pretty nice when we boarded our planes for the return home on Tuesday…BONUS!

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them”….Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cultivate those childhood friendships. You’ll love the shared memories & laughs….and cherish the time you spend together as you grow older.

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails! 

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  1. A legacy of friendship is cherish worthy. You are blessed indeed. What wonderful pictures. I loved your adventures in Michigan… hmmmm… HomeExchange opportunity! 😁

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