New Year, New You, New Laws….

Here’s a quick rundown of some laws that are taking effect for those of us who live in California… (here’s a link to the website where I got all this info)

More Time Off For New Parents…..If your employer has more than 20 employees, it will be required to give you up to 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave to bond with your new child. Employees can use any accrued vacation time, sick time or any other paid-time off to spend time with their new child. It also protects new parents from losing their job and health care benefits during time off. You had to have worked at the company for more than 12 months.

No Questions On Prior Salary…Beginning Jan 1st, you don’t have to tell a potential employer about your past salaries. This bill prohibits employers from asking a job applicant about his or her past salary, which also means employers cannot use one’s salary history to determine the salary it will offer to a potential employee.

Buying Ammo…All ammunition bought in California must be made in person through a vendor licensed by the Department of Justice. The law also applies to any transfers of ammunition. Gun owners will also be prohibited from importing ammunition from outside the state without it going through a licensed vendor in California first. It won’t solve the gun problem, but it’s a start!

Marijuana in Cars…Okay, we all know that marijuana will be legal in California starting Jan 1st, but they’ve also passed some “marijuana in cars” laws too. This separate law makes it illegal to smoke or ingest marijuana while driving or even while riding as a passenger in a vehicle.

Community Colleges…This one waives tuition fees for one academic year to first-time students who are enrolled in 12 or more semester units and qualify for aid under a FAFSA or California Dream Act application. I love this one!

High School Exit Exam…This permanently eliminates this requirement for graduation from high school….so, just pass those classes, okay!

New ID and Travel...Jan 22 is the deadline for states to be compliant or have an extension meaning if you happen to be traveling to a state that is non-compliant you will need a passport or global entry card with you. California has an extension, but New York is still under review, so I brought my global entry card and will continue to do so, just to be on the safe side. Click here for FAQ and to see if the state you live in, or are traveling to, will require additional ID. Better safe than stuck at the airport. Starting October 1, 2020, every air traveler will need a REAL ID-compliant license, or another acceptable form of identification, for domestic air travel.

New YOU…and for those of you who are looking for a new workout routine this New Year I’d just like to do a plug for my new workout place, F45, that’s so much fun and totally kicks my ass! I literally leave my house at 5:54 for the 6:05 class and I’m home by 7am. The link is for the Tustin location, but they have them in numerous cities. See if there’s one near you and sign up for a two week free pass and check it out!

I was going to try to decipher what the newly passed tax bill means for you, but there are so many variables that you’ll have to rely on your accountant and the state you live in to figure that out….good luck!

…Here’s a couple more pics of baby Jude….Thank you Austin and Kate for the new addition and the best birthday gift ever!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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