I went and saw the movie Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy, this past weekend and it was fun…and funny!  I love laughing out loud in a darkened theater…and I did it a lot during this movie.  Melissa is so f-ing funny, although I could do without some of the visual barfing scenes.  What happened to just hearing the sounds of someone about to hurl their lunch and using my imagination…why do I have to actually see that grossness now?

Anyway, good movie, but I have to share what I thought was such a weird, funny thing that happened in the movie theater.  I get there and there are only two other people in the theater.  The endless trailers for upcoming movies start and a couple of cute twenty-something girls comes into the theater and sit down in the row in front of me just to my right…giggling.  So, they sit down, take out some snacks from their ginormous purses and then all of a sudden I look and they’re taking a little dog out of the purse.  At first I thought, “Reeeaally…a dog in the movie theater…WTF!!”

shih tzu

But it was a cute, fluffy ball of what looked like a shih tzu or lhasa apso…adorable.  They throw a little blanket over it as it sits in one of their laps.  Then one girl hands the little pup to the other and takes out some knee high socks and proceeds to put them on.  I was just chuckling to myself that these girls were making this their personal living room.  The dog didn’t make a peep the whole movie and they stuffed him back in at the end and walked out.  I loved their moxie and just the thought that it was okay to bring snacks, socks, a blanket and a dog into a movie theater.  Next thing you know we’ll be hearing an announcement before every movie saying “please silence you cell phones and your dogs!”

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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  1. That IS weird, and FUNNY! I’m looking forward to seeing Spy; thanks for the heads up, I’ll close my eyes on the barfing scenes!

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