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My home

Do a home exchange!  The friends you’ll meet, the families you’ll connect with, the countries you’ll explore….priceless. I’ve done a 2 week exchange in Ireland (…and I now count Gina, Andy and their family among my cherished friends), a few mini-weekend vacations in California and am looking forward to my upcoming exchanges with a family in Copenhagen…for the World Masters Rowing Championships…and Pismo/Grover Beach…for a wedding!

Copenhagen…here I come! Thanks to my home!
pismo spiral
…and looking forward to the wedding near Pismo beach!

I’ve been asked many, many times “but isn’t it weird or scary having people in your home? Do you put your stuff away?”  No!  They’re in your home, you’re in their home!  (Okay, I do have one locked file cabinet, but that’s it) Thanks to technology, you meet them via the exchange, skype/video chat a few times, feel comfortable, book flights, send pertinent information and you’re on your way to an amazing adventure!

exchange this…
…for this!

I get that it’s just weird and uncomfortable for some people to allow virtual strangers to sleep in their beds, shower in their showers and use their stuff. I just don’t have a problem with it, and at this stage in my life my home is a gift that can be bartered to get free accommodations around the globe. I literally sometimes thank my house for allowing me to travel…I know, I’m weird!! I realize it might not work for you, but I believe in trust and the innate good in everyone, so it’s a no brainer…you share your home with someone and you get to discover the world!  WIN..WIN!! Go on…give it a try!

home exchange

If I’ve peaked your interest, check out their website… ….and start exploring this vast planet of ours.  The world becomes a smaller place when you connect with people from other cultures and walks of life.

Let me know if you do!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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