Two Weekends Celebrating LOVE

AAAHHHH, LOVE….I had the privilege and pleasure these past couple of weekends of attending two beautiful weddings in two beautiful places…as well as having cherished time with my kids. (Unfortunately I inadvertently deleted many of my pics, so this is what I cobbled together…sometimes I love technology, sometimes I hate it!)

The first weekend was in beautiful Arroyo Grande on the central coast near Pismo Beach to celebrate the union of the Anderson and Duddridge families…or as Austin said in his speech, they’ve created a sort of SUPER-family. We (Kate, the great, & I) picked Austin up at the airport late Thursday and arrived at the tail end of the wedding rehearsal festivities that evening.

rehearsal dinner old fashioned ice-cream truck…FUN!

I did a home exchange for the weekend and the condo was perfect, with an ocean view. (have I mentioned how much I LOVE doing home exchanges?) Took some time on Friday morning to have breakfast in, and explore, the village of Arroyo Grande…adorable.

…come on…gotta love a village that has “short street”


…and I was honored to attend a lovely luncheon in the vineyard at Laeticia winery


…followed by a sunset celebration on the beach with the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs.



The wedding ceremony on Saturday took place under some beautiful old oak trees, with a small platform and gorgeous archway covered in flowers, on a family ranch in Arroyo Grande. The celebration that followed was under a huge tent, where very detail was perfection…food, music, dancing, ambiance, and of course the love of family and friends that surrounded the joyous newlyweds.

photo cred: Mimi Kahn


We had one more night before A&K went back to NYC, so, thanks to Mariellen and Peter, took a leisurely Duffy ride around beautiful Newport Bay. It was another fabulous evening on the water…I never get enough of them!

photo cred: Mariellen

This past weekend marked the union of the Bianchetti and Vossler families. The venue of The Vibiana, a former cathedral in Downtown LA (DTLA for you hipsters) was stunning and elegant. We entered, serenaded by violins, to witness the traditional ceremony, then retreated to the ivy laden outdoor courtyard for drinks as the ceremonial space was converted to a reception area that was breathtaking. Again, not a detail was spared, yummy food, dancing and the love of family and friends surrounding the newlyweds.

Jerry and I snuck up to the balcony for an overview of the festivities…we got kicked out! Thanks to Jerry for this, and most of the pics from the wedding and reception!



My feet are still recovering from the endless dancing at both events…enhanced even more for me because I was able to enjoy it with my kids! My heart is bursting as I reminisce the celebration of LOVE, family, friends and new beginnings. Congratulations and best wishes to the two happy couples!

(Dang it…I really had some good’ll just have to take my word for it!)

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails! 


  1. Looks like two fabulous events! So, great to share the love with family and friends. Even without your pics… You go girl!

  2. Thanks for sharing how unique and very special each of the weddings were. Weddings ARE love and sharing and the best reminder of how lucky we are to have both great family and friends!!! Fun to see these young people all grown up.

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