Wandering Wednesday … Nantucket

Nantucket is known as the grey lady, due to the fog that often blows in, as well as the grey- shingled homes that encompass this quaint island. I’ve had Nantucket on my bucket list for awhile now and I finally made it there a few weeks ago for three jam-packed days. My ultimate destination was babysitting in Brooklyn and thought it would be a good idea to get ahead of the jet-lag by spending on a few days here beforehand. It was a great idea!

Everyone has seen the pictures of the beautifully weathered grey shingled cottages, so I kind of had an idea of what the island would look like, but it surpassed my expectations and imagination! The building codes on the island are strict, which is why it retains it’s historical charm. In addition to the lovely homes, there are cobblestoned streets and more climbing rose vines & colorful hydrangea than you can even imagine. There is such pride of home ownership and a plethora of gardeners buzzing around the island.

After an overnight red-eye to Boston, I transferred to a Cape Air flight, which ended up being a private plane (I was the only one on an 8 seater Cessna) and then hopped on The Wave, their very efficient transit system, into town.

Before I send you on your way with an explosion of pictures, there are a few things you need to know. Due to Covid almost every tourist destination is experiencing increased crowds and, according to many locals that I spoke to, the island is even more crowded this summer than it was pre-pandemic. Apparently these people did not do their research! DO NOT bring a car! (I got this message loud & clear while doing my research.) You can bike just about everywhere, but it’s even easier to hop on their great, air-conditioned transit system. The only tricky learning curve for me was that the “stops” are only marked with two strips of blue tape around the stop signs. No ugly bus signs for Nantucket! Thank God for google and the very helpful bus drivers who schooled me on getting around (apparently I didn’t do the “blue tape” research). You should also download their Transloc app, which came in very handy. I bought a three-day pass for $18.00 and it was well worth it!

I walked to my very comfortable AirBnB accomodation … accessed through a cute greenhouse … dropped off my bags, and I was on my way to Cisco Brewers for lunch. It was almost a mile walk from the Wave drop off spot to the Brewery and I was a bit tired from the red-eye, so I was ready for my lobster roll and glass of vino (day-drinkingis a sign that I’m on vacation!) Oh, there’s also a designated shuttle from town to the Brewery, but I wanted to experience their public transit system.

The atmosphere is really fun, with, the obvious, Cisco Brewers, but also multiple food and drink vendors, all enjoyed al fresco by couples and families alike. I didn’t hang around for late afternoon, when the music starts, but I’m sure it’s a very fun vibe! I hopped back on the Wave and headed back to my, nicely air-conditioned, place for a quick 45 minute nap, before a quiet stroll around the neighborhood and my planned sojourn out to Madaket beach and dinner at Millie’s.

right on the street where I was staying … a good omen!
this guy was flying over the water!!
oh…and there are cute dogs everywhere.
dinner with a view …
I got the 40th Pole quesadilla and it was fabulous! Brought the leftovers home for breakfast the next morning.

See you next Wandering Wednesday for Nantucket, Part II … another lighthouse and a sailing adventure!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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