Have you been to the North Woods?

I was in NY a couple of months ago during tulip season and, besides going to the Westside Community Garden Tulip Festival, I also wanted to visit the North Woods at the northern tip of Central Park. Most people know, and have visited, The Mall & Poet’s/Literary Walk, Sheep Meadow and Strawberry Fields, to name a few, but so many people I’ve talked to have never ventured into the North Woods.

The North Woods is described as “a wooded section of Central Park offering walking/biking paths, hiking, birdwatching & a stream.” Wow, was I taken aback by how quiet and different it was from the rest of Central Park. They don’t mention that there’s a waterfall too! There are so many trees that it’s like you’re truly in a forest and it’s so much cooler than the rest of the park. Here are some pics from my meandering …

…. and here are a few from the Conservatory Garden and the amazing tulip festival!

So if you want a little different setting in Central Park, grab a book and head to the North Woods, where you can read under a canopy of trees.

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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