Motivational Mondays….Past and Future Optimism

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I record Ellen and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon…both of them, so funny and engaging….and I usually just fast forward through the commercials, but today I stopped at one. Have you seen the Prudential commercial where the people placed magnets to signify the significant events that happened in their life in the last 5 years…yellow for for bad..and then what they project would happen in the next 5 years?  It’s pretty interesting! The past 5 years showed a pretty even mix of good & bad, but the future was almost all yellow.  Of course this is an investment company’s commercial so their message was that it’s good to be optimistic about the future, but make sure you’re realistic and prepared financially.  Okay, we’d all probably agree that this is sound advice….but I just kind of loved how HOPE-ful and optimistic people were about their future!  A commercial made me smile and think…go figure!
 You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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