Weekend Project…book knife holder

I’ve had the same holder for my knives for at least 30 years….a vase, with fine sand…that I copied from my sister & brother in law. It’s very cool and many have copied them, but I saw this project in a magazine and loved it! A book knife holder!

First thing I did was go to the library used bookstore and find three books of similar color to go with my beachy decor. You can use four our more depending on how many knives you have (I didn’t care what the book titles were)…

Next I just wrapped some neutral/burlap-ish ribbon around them. Can’t be too tight because the knives have to have some room to slide in.

Put it on the counter and slide in your knives. That’s it!! There were some other complicated methods, involving cutting the book, etc…, on pinterest that you can check out…and it might be necessary if you have lots of knives, but I just went the easy route and I love it! This one fits two or three per book. It also forced me to minimize my, too large, knife collection, down to just the the necessary ones. It was SUPER easy (less than 10 minutes) and it looks cute on my kitchen counter.

Have a FAB weekend!

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  1. Just genius!! Love it, & how original it is.
    A great pressie for a cooking friend might be some old cook books (2nd hand shop 😉) & a brand new Sabatier knife. Or other good brand.

  2. I showed this to Phil and he said “That’s cool!. Unfortunate though”. I asked why, and he said, “no power tools were involved”.

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