Fall Sonoma Weekend


I was fortunate to travel to Sonoma this past weekend with my friends, and team mates, to our friend, Dennie’s, home & vineyard. It is an expansive property with views in every direction of vineyards, apple trees, persimmon trees, mountains and everything that reminds you of Fall. We were excited to hear that there was rain in the forecast and rain it did, most of the weekend! ….perfect for reading on the porch, playing games until the wee hours and just enjoying each others company. The spectacular Fall colors were out in full force and Dennie’s hospitality is something to aspire to. Here’s a glimpse of our Sonoma weekend escape….

Went to the cute town of Graton for lunch and some looky-loo shopping in the cute stores on our first day…before the rain really started coming down!

We had quite a few laughs playing games & I loved reading on the porch, hugged by a warm quilt, as the rain came down.

deep in thought playing games

….and then a walk through the beautiful vineyard to gather some leftovers from the harvest for lunch on Saturday

found a little robin’s nest among the vines

…a few cool things I saw as I wandered

…and a weekend away wouldn’t be complete without a few fabulous meals. I’m sorry I didn’t get a pic of our beautiful lunch on the patio of apples & grapes that we’d gathered from the property, cheeses, local amazing breads and some homemade jams/jellies….and, of course, Dennie’s pie.

Saturday night we showed up for dinner at Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, but we were there on the wrong night.

So, what happens when you make a reservation for the wrong night? They seat you in the wine library! We had our own private dining room with the faint sound of the jazz band from the adjoining bar.

I had the parmesan risotto for starters (most people make it a meal, but it was a starter there and I went for it!), which was ridiculously decadent!….and then duck for my main course…every dish beautifully presented

It was sad to leave such a beautiful place, but the memories from this fun, beautiful weekend will get me through this ridiculous heat wave we’re experiencing. Bring back Fall…PLEASE!!

….and no trip to the Bay Area would be complete without a visit with Mary Kay & Laura…and lunch at Burma Superstar!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails! 

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