Foodie Friday…Chicken Marbella (…and couscous)…great for a crowd


Make ahead, easy, perfect for a group. Silver Palate’s Chicken Marbella recipe is the perfect choice for weddings and large parties. I’ve made it numerous times and it almost never disappoints! So, here you go….

Silver Palate’s Chicken Marbella
Serves 10-12
4 Chickens (2 ½ lbs. each) quartered  ** I usually use boneless, skinless breasts approximately 8-12
1 head of garlic, chopped  ** I use already chopped garlic, a couple of TBS or more
¼ c. dried oregano
Salt & pepper
½ c. red wine vinegar
½ c. olive oil
1 c. pitted prunes
½ c pitted Spanish olives ** I use Kalamata Olives & I use more than ½ c.
½ c. capers with a little bit of juice
6 bay leaves
1 c. brown sugar ** this was too sweet for me, so I reduced it the 2nd time I made it.
1 c. white wine (dry)
¼ c. Italian parsley or cilantro – finely chopped (optional)

marbella imag2307

  • Place all ingredients, down to and including the bay leaves, n a ziploc bag or bowl to marinate. Refrigerate 24 hrs. if possible (sometimes I don’t have to time to marinate it at all)
  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Arrange in a large pan in a single layer with all the marinade
  • Sprinkle with brown sugar & pour white wine around.
  • Bake approx. 50-60 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with parsley or cilantro & serve.
  • finished-marbella

I usually pare it with a boxed couscous because it’s super easy and is ready in less than 10 minutes…..but, I cook the couscous in chicken stock instead of water and then add feta and some roasted pine nuts to give it that extra flavor & texture.


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