Feng Shui…changing orientation to change your view


My last home…cute cottage on Balboa Peninsula

I’ve always had fun decorating whatever home I’m in…whether my first studio apartment in San Francisco or our larger 2800 sf home.  When I first started out it was fun to get recycled, re-purposed and castaways-on-the-side-of-the-road furniture.  We’d strip, paint, sand, change knobs on whatever was thrown our way.  It was a challenge that was very rewarding that I still really enjoy today.  When we were fortunate enough to buy new furniture for a larger home, it was fun to put different colors and designs together to make the house a home.


Another view of my previous home…Quinn loved her perch
photo credit: Angela Cartwright

I live, once-again, in a tiny studio with lots of light and windows.  When I first moved in, my sister, brother-in-law and I placed all the furniture where we thought it would work for the short time I’d be here.  I only had a small love-seat to sit on, so my bed became my sofa…and I just swiveled the TV to accommodate whatever area of the room I was watching.

308 marine

the original layout

I’ve pretty much loved every place I’ve lived and have been successful in making it feel like a home, but this place just didn’t feel right.  Even my sister said, “This is the first time you don’t seem excited about your place.”  It’s been weird, because I LOVE Balboa Island, my little place has an amazing amount of light, the MOST adorable kitchen ever, and a feeling of community, with all the activity going on outside my window.  ….but I’d come home and it just didn’t feel as welcoming as I’ve always felt.  I’m not a complainer so it really bugged me that I didn’t LOVE where I was living.  …and then I came home from my recent trip to NYC!

I walked in and due to numerous calamities with the remodel in the downstairs store I had to spend a few nights at my sister’s beautiful home a few blocks away…not a hardship!  Anyway, I decided one day that I just needed to rotate my bed so I didn’t see the bottom of it when I walked in every day.  I have no idea why that mattered, but I thought, what the hell just move it and see how it looks.  I rotated the bed, moved some side tables and voilà!!  An amazing thing happened!  I now really like sitting in bed and watching TV or sitting on my little love-seat and reading.  I’m sure there’s a Feng Shui expert out there that would tell me that the room has better energy now???…and I’m sure they’d have a reason, but I have no idea.  Even my cat likes it better and sleeps at the bottom of the bed (she used to sleep on the loveseat…go figure!)  I’m just glad that it feels more like home and I’ll enjoy the next 4 months that I have here in this magical place called Balboa Island.


the new layout…feels more like home…cozier!

So if you have a space that doesn’t feel quite right…re-arrange the furniture, it may make all the difference!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails! 


  1. So much cozier…The lamp and end table are centered on the window and right next to the head of your bed instead of at the foot of the bed….much more suited to reading and tv time. look forward to each of your blogs!!!

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