kondoed…the kon mari way

This is just a couple of drawers…there were many more to follow!

I had a week off for Spring break and I was determined to finish moving everything back to the master bedroom….but I didn’t want to hapharzardly just transfer my clothes from one closet to the other without doing some organizing of things.  I’ve read a bit of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and also watched a few of her youtube videos. Her method has you organizing and de-cluttering by category, not by room…so it’s all of your clothes, or all of your books, etc…  I knew it would take some time, but I wanted to do it right the first time….so I started the process early Saturday morning….

…it pretty much took all day and early evening, but I got rid, and thanked, a lot of clothes.  Okay, I didn’t really thank all of them…after awhile I just threw them in the garage sale bag! It was a very cathartic experience and the results were awesome! Here’s how it turned out!

rowing clothes all organized!


sweaters are so much easier to see now…those crumpled items in the 2nd cubby up on the left are supposed to be wrinkled…that’s what makes them funky & unique!
I donated a BUNCH of scarves…these are my favorites!
I love this way of displaying funky, fun jewelry…it’s an old rake head…gotta love PINTEREST!
I DID NOT thank this piece of clothing, but I did keep it, since it’s a necessary garment at my age….Okay, I guess I do thank it for making me look a bit less lumpy!!
I ended up donating 5+ bags to our neighborhood garage sale…which is this Saturday for those of you interested.

As I said, a very cathartic and joyful experience and the results just made me sigh with pleasure and relief.  Let’s hope I can keep it all that organized…and not add a bunch of clutter.

This was just my clothes, but I’m looking forward to going through files & books and purging. I’d highly recommend it…or you might want to just read this funny view on the subject!

…and if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can hire my friend Kelly to do it for you…her email is iorganizeyou@sbcglobal.net,  

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. Just love your approach to life and putting real life out there in print…I immediately went all motivated to my closet…..but…. decided to put off decluttering for yet another day!

  2. Love this post! We are going to do a ton of purging and organizing when we move back into our house. Looking forward to having neat closets, drawers and cupboards!

  3. Great job Jeanine! I tried to kondo my clothes Using her method and so few of them gave me joy it was impossible to just keep those few. So I resolved to just throw out what I hadn’t worn in a year and stop buying clothes because they are on sale. I’m going to try to only buy what brings me joy!

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