Wedded Bliss

I am still reliving and recovering from an amazing week in Dewey Beach, DE to witness and celebrate the wedding of my son, Austin, to his beautiful new wife, Kate.  I’m sure I’ll do a couple of posts in the coming weeks on the subject, and annoy some of you, but just had to share a few pics and this awesome video by one of the bridesmaids, Christine of c’est christine.  She really captured the joy of the event!


“The Kate Brennan” special cocktail


the rehearsal dinner crab feast


the boys


the beautiful couple & grand-dog Prince

mother son dance

mother/son dance

first dance

the happy couple…first dance


Dewey have to go?

 You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. What a beautiful week through your great pics. The video captured a lot of the mood and love. Thanks for sharing…love the mob dance too! You guys rock.

      1. Me neither and I didn’t get married either. Such a beautiful day that we will cherish in our hearts forever! Love you Jeanine ♡

    1. Kate Raab! I love love your new name. May you never come down from Cloud 9!! I know you will laugh every day with my awesome nephew and my nephew will laugh every day with my new awesome niece! xoxo

  2. So much LOVE on the Beach! So much FUN dancing and singing! You can feel the ENERGY in the video and pics!

    1. Doreen, I am not sure what was funner; seeing you and Jack become pals, dancing Uptown Funk with you or watching you dance on the balcony like it was nobody’s business! Probably all of the above!

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