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“some people my age make a “bucket list…I just change the “b” to an”f”…Jerry Seinfeld

I haven’t ever really “compiled” a written bucket list per se, but I’ve always had certain events or places that I wanted to experience.  So, no time like the present, as I approach my 55th birthday, to put pen to paper and actually put together an actual list to check off as I achieve these mini-goals.   To be honest, most of the items on the list are just places I really want to go, more like a travel list, but it’s a bucket list nonetheless.  In compiling said list I realized, as I have in the past, that almost every one of them is an experience and not a “thing” because I couldn’t ask for any more “things” in my life.  I truly have everything I need…a happy, healthy family, with two wonderful additions this year, and amazing friends to share this life with and although I’m open to that significant other in my future (just putting it out there my friends!) it will only enhance the joy that already lies within me.  So, without further adieu, my bucket list, circa 2015….

1.  Meditteranean Cruise with the immediate family…yay! going next May!

2.  Fall colors cruise down the Eastern seaboard…specifically Maine, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland

3.  Japan…the culture, the sushi!

4.  Loire Valley, Southern France….specifically this Castles and Foodies Tour.

5.  Some places in the U.S I’d still like to see….Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; Boise (yes, Lola/Sars I’m visiting at some point!); Charleston, SC & Savannah, GA in the same trip; Miraval Spa in Tucson, AZ; Maine (maybe on that fall foliage cruise?); Wendy & Rob’s newest addition in WI ….I’m sure there are others.

6.  Seeing Tom Brady play live… (yay!..going in December…birthday gift to me, the Dec 27th  game against the Jets since it may be his last year..what with deflate-gate, non-suspensions and his age!)

7.  Be a coxswain for an 8+ boat at the Head of the Charles regatta…and also attend the Royal Henley Regatta in England.

8.  See the Underwater Museum in Cancun

9.  Fly to Vancouver or Seattle, rent a car and drive down Hwy 101 along the west coast back home…stopping at the adorable Boardwalk Cottages, among many other coastal locales!

10.  Lighthouse keeper for a night or week at Rose Island Lighthouse in Rhode Island (with that S.O.?) and/or a weekend at the Point Arena Lighthouse up near Mendocino, CA (they’re 3/bed cottages…road trip anyone!!)

11.  Attend the writer’s festival and other fun/interesting Irish events at the Gaelic College in Nova Scotia.  Although I could just attend one of the local Irish fairs or festivals here in SoCal!

12.  Invite people to communal table dinner parties in my home for non-profits that I’m passionate about.  I love to entertain and am passionate about volunteering (which I’ve missed and been out of touch with of late), so why not organize and do both at once.

13.  Attend an EatWith dinner in LA and/or NYC.

14.  Attend Redhead Days in the Netherlands (1.5 hrs from Amsterdam) or U.K. (missed the one this past weekend) and/or Gingers/The Gathering in the U.K. (there was supposed to be a Ginger Pride Festival in SF in 2016, but it may not get off the ground?)

15.  Some European cities I’d like to get to….Barcelona…and Madrid while I’m in the area, Vienna, Lake Cuomo !  …or maybe just live in Europe for six months and go everywhere!

16.  The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen,  NYC Wine & Food Festival and/or Taste of Paris.

17.  Take part in a Daybreaker dancing event!…..NYC, LA, SF or Paris?

18.  Attend Pillow Fight Day…I may have to be an organizer for OC…looks like it’s April 2nd next year?…but not this kind of pillow fight..seriously?…yikes!

19.  See the Northern Lights in either, Norway, Denmark, Iceland or Finland

20.  Volunteer abroad program…this is just one of many to choose from!

….and the places I want to go back to…visit my friend Gina and her family in Ireland (might need to attend this, Gina recommended, festival?), Amsterdam, Vancouver, SF, any cottage or cabin near water, and an un-ending list of restaurants in NYC (La Boite en Bois, The Ugly Kitchen, Dirty French etc…. ) and LA (Petit Trois, Osso, Bestia, etc…)

(I did have “swim with dolphins” on my list because I just love them, but then I read this!)

What’s on your bucket list?  Maybe I’ll steal some of your fabulous, creative, fun ideas!

…and a happy birthday to the adorable one in the middle…my son!


You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. Yeah, the dolphin thing is bad. I remember in the 70s when I was an active volunteer at the Cabrillo Beach Marine Museum and Save the Whales, there was a lot of concern about the psychological state of the performing orca in the small pools at Marineland in Palos Verdes. Shortly after that, the male, Orky, held a trainer at the bottom of the pool and almost killed her. Unbelievable 45 or so years later and this abuse still continues.

  2. WOW this is terrific! Well we can make the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen a reality of course! And anytime you want to do anything else on your list, let me know, I’m in!!

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