Very early in the New Year I was thinking of what my “word” would be for 2015.  As I was wandering in and out of shops in Quebec City I came across some “wish” bracelets, each with various glass beads and their corresponding meaning.  Each color signified something different…Red=Passion, Pink=Love, Orange=Strength, Yellow=Peace, Green=Hope, Blue=Healing, Dark Purple=Spirituality, and Multi Color = Resolutions.  The idea is that you make a wish as you’re tying it on and when it falls off your wish will come true.  Well, I’m not much for the whole “wish will come true” idea, but I liked the idea of a daily reminder to strive for something.  The weird thing is that I had already been leaning towards the word “HOPE” and this just seemed to be a sign that cemented the idea in my mind.  My friend, Maggie, who gave me the word a year idea and some angel cards, says that the word chooses you…and I believe that to be true.  I bought the bracelet, the shopkeeper tied it on my wrist, and I have been wearing it ever since.

hope bracelet

Wikipedia describes Hope as “an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large.”  Hope resonated with me because there’s going to be a lot of big events in my life this year….an anticipated, memorable move and my two children’s weddings…and my hope is that they will all be awesome!  By acknowledging my expectation, there is a greater chance that these events will happen as I envision them and that I will work towards those goals!  Shane J. Lopez, PH.d is a world renowned expert on the psychology of hope and author of the book “Making Hope Happen.”  He says that some people confuse wishing with hoping.  Wishing is a passive occupation, whereas hope is an active one.  How you see your future helps you nurture hope, it pulls you forward and makes you believe that your expectations will be fulfilled…wishing is just a thought, without actions to back it up.

So, 2015 is my year of Hope…and I will HOPE..fully!!  Have you picked a word for 2015?

Got this tonight….my HOPE for the year!! (maybe I should buy a lottery ticket with those numbers!)

 You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails! 


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