I like sharing…I like change!



I like sharing….and I like change.  Sometimes both of those get me in trouble, but most of the time I enjoy the adventure they take me on and the things I learn along the way.  So, I decided to start a blog! I’ll share my love of rowing, photography, entertaining, cooking, travel, positive thinking (affirmations) and just the basic musings of my life as I go along.

I truly believe in the power of positive thinking, daily affirmations and the choices we make in life.  I’ll be sharing some wacky things that have happened to me and how I got through them and also some great adventures I’ve had..some old, some new.

I come from a family of seven, two parents and four siblings.  I can honestly say that I had the most idyllic childhood…probably because I’m the fourth of five and by the time our parents got to me & my younger sister they said “just raise yourselves, we’re tired!”  We paid attention to how they raised the older three and tried to learn from their mishaps, their manners and their example.  It’s weird how five people growing up in the same household can have completely different recollections of the same event…and I’m sure some of my “fabulous” memories will be disputed by my siblings as well!  But I love our family stories and hope you’ll find some of them amusing too.

I also love photography…the composition you can get from looking through a lens and the moment in time that you can capture.  I will share some amazing sunrises that I am honored to witness (by getting up at 5am to be on the water to row at 6am) and which so few get to enjoy.  I’ll also be posting travel pics from my adventures around the globe.  I’m not as well traveled as many, but I aspire to get there…and I’ll take you along for the ride.

Thanksgiving 2011 123[2]

One of the greatest joys I have in life is sharing my home with family & friends.  I love cooking and entertaining, whether it’s just a friend dropping by for a quick chat and a glass of wine, or a dinner party for 12 or more.  I’ve felt this way whether I’ve lived in less than 500 sf or almost 3000 sf.  People coming together to share a meal and conversation is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves….and our friends.

nac sunrise

Travel…aaaahhhh travel!!!  The anticipation of a place never visited is almost too much for me to comprehend. When I’m going to a new destination I love trolling the internet for all the information and “tips” I can get about a city/country.  Some might say that it takes the spontaneity out of a trip, but I plan & get the lay of the land, and I always leave time to wander aimlessly through back alleys to discover unchartered territory that you can’t find in a guide book.  I LOVE living like a local and almost never stay in a hotel…preferring a VRBO apartment or a home exchange to really feel like I belong.

Rowing! …an amazing sport…. ballet on water…the feel of water rushing underneath you….I could go on and on (as my teammates & I do incessantly), but I’d like you to come back and read more posts so let’s just say that there will be at least one or two entries that include rowing…some coupled with travel & life lessons learned on the water and some just as the sun is rising in my own backyard.

2012 long beach

Okay…so that’s my first blog post…YAY!!  Come along as I delve & explore these and other topics that  life throws my way.

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. So excited to subscribe to your blog…..you are an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to see where your adventures take me!!! In this day and age where more and more things seem negative mean spirited, I can’t wait to hear about something positive. I especially need help with staying positive and reminding myself how blessed I really am. Having a friend like you remind me will help!!!

  2. WHOOOOAHHH!!!! I LOVED YOUR BLOG! Ok, you are amazing and your positive thinking is so contagious. I am so proud of you and thankful that you sent me your blog! I hope we can spend more time together down on Balboa Island and can’t wait to read your next posting. You go girl!!

  3. Looking forward to reading about your adventures, Jeanine! Particularly interested in the rowing stories–I finished Boys in the Boat earlier this year, and was really captivated by the sport. Welcome to the blog world! 🙂

  4. You’re one tiny little package – jam packed with so much great stuff!! So glad we’re friends and looking forward to following your blog for inspiration and lots of smiles. xoxocindy

  5. I am so excited to be taken on your journey. Love this idea and look forward to this new adventure with you. Happy, positive, fun rowing, and all the rest that awaits us from you.

  6. J I am so happy you got this going. You have alot to say AND you’re still one of the coolest girls I know. Congratulations on taking the step – the beginning of a great journey. I’ll be following along. Much love always.

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