NY Adventures…Stay in Brooklyn!

IMAG1280After a great night’s sleep and a nice cold brew…coffee that is…I started my stroll up to the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges for my “Brooklyn day”. Didn’t venture on any subways today at all and it was so relaxing and gorgeous. It’s about a two mile walk, straight shot from A&K’s apartment, up Court St., through the diverse areas of Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights, a stroll through Columbus and Cadman Plaza Parks and voilà, you’re there!


I’ve seen the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges from the water numerous times, but had never actually been there & knew this was the trip to get that memorable picture.  Even before I reached the waterfront I saw this awesome picture opportunity under the Manhattan Bridge! I spy the Empire State Building!


Did you know that the area under the Manhattan Bridge is called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)? Isn’t that clever!  If you vear right on this sidewalk you’ll end up at a cute little pop-up lunch area.  One of the vendors there is Chickpea and Olive, Chickpea & Olivea company I discovered a few years ago at Smorgasburg (if you haven’t been to Smorgasburg you should go). C&O has THE most amazing coconut tea. I’ve introduced it to a bunch of family and friends and was in need of more. I usually order it from their online store, but I was going to be in the area, so thought I’d check out their pop-up place under the archway of the bridge. Because I usually just get the tea it didn’t occur to me to plan on lunch there…I will next time! Their menu looks yummy….they have a beet burger…but it was a little early for lunch and I had my heart set on a lobster roll.  How cute is this little archway lunch place…



….and look at the other events under the archway…and in DUMBO!


…and a little lighthouse!


I continued my stroll southward along the waterfront through Brooklyn Bridge Park. The first fun thing you happen upon is this bright, clever public art installation by artist Deborah Kass. If you’re standing and looking at Manhattan it says “OY”…cause you’re near the very Jewish area of Brooklyn, Williamsburg. If you’re in Manhattan looking across the water it says “YO” because, well, it’s New York City. Who thinks of this stuff?…it’s awesome!! It’s leaving this August, so you don’t have much time to capture this pic!



Keep meandering down the walkway and you’ll see Jane’s Carousel.IMAG1229

It was just about time for lunch and I was originally planning on trekking all the way down to Red Hook and Red Hook Lobster Pound, when I came upon Luke’s Lobster. I’ve had Luke’s at the Food Hall at the Plaza Hotel, so I knew how good they were, but would I miss out on the comparison with Red Hook Lobster Pound? A quick google comparison search and I was confident that I wouldn’t be missing much if I went with Luke’s…so I did! Okay, so Luke’s is directly under the Brooklyn Bridge…and so is another very pricey place called The River Cafe. It’s a really nice looking restaurant in an amazing location…but there’s a lovely little tree covered garden adjacent to it, so I got my lobster roll and sat on a bench with a gorgeous view of Manhattan and saved myself a few bucks! (I’ve heard from many that River Cafe is really good..so maybe next time?)




Continuing down the walkway along the waterfront I took in the view of Manhattan and few other fun things….IMAG1249

…the iconic Statue of Liberty in the distance


…another public art installation is this revolving, neon, “Understanding” sign by artist Martin Creedlooking at the lower tip of Manhattan. It’s leaving in October.


I had left the house around 10, walked a little over 4 miles and it was around 2:15, when I took a left at Atlantic Avenue on my way back to A&K’s place. ….and the adventure continued….

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. Tom and I both commented on the Inwood shirt (amongst other sites) – YOU wear it well!! Wish NYC was this cool in the ’70’s just the opposite, pretty scary and dirty! Thanks for the amazing trip and pics!

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