I have never, ever, really paid much attention to politics. Sorry. I’ve always voted because it’s our responsibility & privilege and I hoped that my candidate won, but honestly it wasn’t something that occupied much of my thinking…we’d survive whatever the outcome. Until Wednesday morning….

I’m sure part of it was because I was really tired….up for rowing at 5, stayed up late to follow election results, didn’t sleep well due to where the election was heading, waking up to the election results…but I literally cried on Wednesday morning. I was depressed and weary knowing that Donald Trump will be our next president.  WHAAAAAAT??  As my sister says, “I will try NEVER to say President and Trump in the same sentence. I will call him Trump.”

I woke up to my friend, Gina’s, text, who lives in Dublin, “Glad I slept soundly through the night – sounds like a nightmare has unfolded across the pond…”  …and she also sent me this (which made me laugh!)…. (you’ll have to cut and paste it)

….and then I went for a walk and realized that the world didn’t fall off it’s axis, the sun still rose (as my daughter reminded me) and this too shall pass…although it might take four years. We all live in an amazing, free, country and need to remember that every day.

My motto…and my sister reminded me, is You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!” because, let’s face it…shit happens to everyone. Sails need to be adjusted right now for our country.

Sadly, it gives me a bit of comfort when I think back on the political culture of the past 10 or 20 years….our govt will probably be deadlocked on so many issues that there won’t be much progress. Let’s just hope he doesn’t push that red button!

…and then I wondered “why the tears?” and realized that it wasn’t for me or my generation, but for my children and grandchildren. Hillary Clinton and, more so, Bernie Sanders, got the younger generation energized and engaged about their future.  …and then it didn’t happen. I think their enthusiasm has been sparked and they will bring us into the next election in a way that we haven’t seen in many generations. My faith is with them! Is it too early to start this hashtag now?? #imwiththem ?


You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!”


  1. Here, here!! I posted this article on Facebook this morning, because what really hit me was how red the map was at the end of the election, and I was completely shocked. I felt sad and embarrassed about how out of touch and clueless I was with the anger of a HUGE part of this country. Regardless of who our country’s leader is, we need to get out of our little self-made universes and look, listen and learn about our neighbors and what they are going through. This is a grass roots undertaking. Understanding, I believe is the beginning of healing and correction.

  2. I have faith in our young people to fix this also. My 23 year old daughter and many in her group of friends are paying attention and know their future depends on them. This morning I listened to a podcast I love called Keepin’ it 1600. It’s done by a couple of former Obama speech writers (Jon Lovett and Jon Favreau) and one or 2 other guys. They’re bright, enthusiastic, connected, and throw in a little humor when it’s needed the most. Look for their November 9th edition if you want to feel a little better. I get it through iTunes.

    Also, listen to the Axe Files with guest Van Jones. It dropped this morning and will make you cry.

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