I see a RED door and I want it painted BLACK

dublin door

Now you have that Rolling Stones song in your head, huh?! This post really has nothing to do with the song…. it’s about the color of doors and the history behind them. Join me on this journey!

I LOVE my fire engine red dutch door…and the vintage life preserver enhances the red and conveys my love of the water! When I decided on the color over 15 years ago I just thought it seemed warm and inviting and just fun! Red is my favorite color. I was talking with my friend Mary Kay the other night and we got on the subject of front stoops and doors (there’s a whole history of stoops and the amount of steps on it…another post). I decided to just look up some info and found out some fun facts.

St. Marks in Yorkville/Manhattan, NYC…its interesting that the Deutsche Ev Kirche had its origins as German Protestant with a single doctrine compatible with National Socialism….to me, it looks like a Star of David above that door….just sayin’?

Biblically red doors are part of the Passover story, when God commanded the Israelites to cover their doors in the blood of the lamb. But on a more upbeat note…red doors, historically, have meant “welcome!” Back in the horse and buggy days it was a sign of a safe place to rest & stay. During the Underground Railroad era, doors were painted red to guide slaves to a place of refuge and safety. In Scotland it is said that you painted your door red when your mortgage was paid off (that is not the case for me!). The Chinese consider it a lucky color and it is a color used during the Chinese New Year….and lastly, Feng Shui practitioners say that a red door invites positive energy. So….what do some other front door colors mean?


White…signifies purity, innocence and perfectionism

…also Ireland, in Connacht, where the movie Quiet Man was filmed

Black….classic and chic

Balboa Island…yes, I know its blurry….I need a new phone!

Pink…happiness, understanding, affection and nurturing
Orange…warm, positive energy and creativity

London, England

Yellow…intellect, joy and energy
Green…outdoorsy, timeless and peaceful

London, England
twin doors in SF

Blue…health, healing, understanding, sky, ocean, and tranquility

Paris, France

Purple…historically associated with wealth, dignity and royalty
Gray…confident and classic
Brown….organic and earthy, casual and relaxing

Paris, France… so beautiful
London, England
London, England
a cool door in Montreal

In looking through my pics, I have sooooo many more pictures of doors. I guess I love what they evoke…come in, stay awhile. They all seem so welcoming! I hope you enjoyed this little journey of doors!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

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