Foodie Adventure Friday…Cooking in Capistrano

When I took the train recently down to San Juan Capistrano with some friends we came across a cute place that offered cooking classes. It’s called Tspoons. In the weeks that followed I occasionally looked at their lineup of classes and then one day just decided to book one. I’ve always loved risotto and wanted to learn how to make it…and the Gnocchi, Ravioli and Risotto class seemed like a great line-up of foods to explore.

And so it was last Saturday that my friend, Carre, and I hopped on the train and got off in San Juan Capistrano for an evening of cooking. We went a little early so we could explore the Los Rios District shops, which were closed on the last train trip down.

We both really enjoyed the cooking class! It was a little bit different than other cooking classes either of us have taken. We made all the sauces, raviolis and gnocchis, but all the ingredients had been measured out beforehand (mis-en-place) and placed on cookie sheets below the prep surfaces. One other different feature we enjoyed….we started cooking all the recipes (Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Marsala Cream Sauce, Fresh Pea and Asparagus Risotto topped with garlic butterflied shrimp, Creamy chicken and summer greens gnocchi stew and, lastly, Fried Nutella Ravioli) but just when you think it’s feeling like a long class and you’re still not done yet, the chefs invite you to sit down while they finish the recipes and serve you. It was the perfect blend of cooking, relaxing and socializing. I think it would be really fun to go with a big group.

the atmosphere
Chef Dominique….we made the Nutella ravioli
making the Marsala cream sauce
cooking the Wild Mushroom Ravioli that we made…takes less than a minute
first course done…

have a seat…we’ll finishing cooking!
yummy risotto with shrimp…my favorite dish
gnocchi and chicken stew
finishing touches on dessert
Fried Nutella Ravioli

I’ll definitely be going again and I’d recommend this place…along with a day in SJC. They’ve really turned Capistrano into a day-trip destination. There’s the aforementioned Los Rios District, which has some adorable shops, a few restaurants that I’d still like to try and a petting zoo; this cooking class; Swallows Inn, a famous, loud, dive bar; The Old Barn Antique Mall; and of course the famous Mission San Juan Capistrano…..not to mention the fun train ride down there!

What adventure will you be going on this weekend?!

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