Wandering Wednesday … Planes, Trains & Automobiles

5 planes, 4 high speed trains, 5 days in a rental car & numerous metro/subway/funicular journeys on my 25 day NYC/Spain/France trip. I think my body is still adjusting from all the walking and stairs I did!

I arrived in Barcelona after an overnight flight … slept almost the whole flight … and had an easy ride from the airport to my apartment in the Gracia area. It’s a quaint area with multiple “squares”, with little cafes, children playing and people congregating after work. It was such a nice place, that felt safe, as I walked home each night after taking their amazing public transport system. (side note…I think I say this every time I come home from NYC & Europe…WTF, why do I have to get in my car to go anywhere in California…ugh!)

lively town squares for congregating

When in Barcelona, you have to do the obligatory Gaudi tourist sites … Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, & Park Güell … which were quite impressive, but, as I’ve said before, I just love wandering and discovering random beautiful architecture and hidden gems.

the funniest part was all the tourists trying to get pics with the famous lizard

After all the tourist spots, and wandering, I have to mention the great food! My best evening in Barcelona was due to the recommendations I got from my Dublin friend, Gina. It started with a visit to McCarthy’s Bar (Gina’s friend, Liz, who I know, knows the owner). Irish bars never disappoint, and meeting the owner and his wife was great craic!! We called Liz while I was there and their hospitality was unmatched. The perfect start to a fun, delicious evening!

I walked up the road a bit for my Michelin Star meal at Caelis. I had reserved a spot at the kitchen bar, soooo, besides amazing food, I was treated to a culinary show that was spectacular. My reservation was at 8 and I assumed it would be a couple of hours. I didn’t get back to my apartment until 11:15.

how cool are these plates!?

Some other highlights of my trip, and things I’d recommend are … a meal at Ciutat Comtal, recommendation from my kids, who went years ago when they were in Barcelona (it’s been there a looong time, good food and so cheap!); a cool flea market Mercat del Encants just to browse/find some treasures; and Boqueria Market (a quintessential European market off Las Ramblas with an array of cheese/pastry/fresh fruit/empanadas/charcuterie vendors); and enjoying your market haul on the patio as the sun set. You will not go hungry in Barcelona!

fun random sculptures
great street art

Next up … Paris and the Loire Valley!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. Fantastic pics! The architecture pics are SO amazing! Bon Voyage, let me know when you’re in NY!

  2. Fabulous photos Jeanine… loved them all and left verrrry hungry 😋 so much fun following your wanderings 😍

    1. Thank you so much, Janine!
      I feel like I’m on your dazzling trip with you because of your wonderful photos and commentaries!
      Just amazing! Enjoy the rest of your adventures…

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