Foodie Friday … Mayo on protein??

A friend of mine gave me a recipe for mayonnaise marinated salmon, then I saw this recipe on the NY Times cooking website (sorry, you need a subscription) and then I saw a recipe for mayo marinated steak. The universe was trying to tell me something!!

Last week I wanted an Asian style chicken breast and decided to try the mayo idea. It was amazing and so juicy! I think the mayo seals the meat, almost like sear roasting? Basically you can make any marinade you’re used to using, add mayo and coat your protein with it. I just kind of winged it with the measuring. Here’s what I did …

Asian mayo marinated chicken (party of one!)

1 chicken breast
salt & pepper (I use white pepper cause it’s finer and has a little less “bite”)

about 1/3 cup mayo
about 1 TBS soy sauce
2 cubes of garlic (from TJ’s)
1 cube of ginger (TJ’s)
a little squeeze of fresh lime
a splash of sriracha

prepare your grill so it’s about 350-400 degrees. I have one side kind of hot and one low.

  • mix the marinade ingredients in a bowl.
  • pat the chicken dry and generously season with salt and pepper.
  • add chicken to the bowl and swish it around so the chicken is coated. (I only let it marinate for about an hour, but you can leave in the fridge up to 8 hrs)
  • throw it on the grill and leave it for about two minutes or so, flip it and do the same on the other side. I just kept moving it from the hot side to sear it and then to the low side to keep it cooking. All in all it was about 15 minutes to perfection! I grill enough to know how it’s supposed to feel, but you can use a meat thermometer just to be sure.

That’s it! I made some brown rice with a bit of cilantro and pine nuts on top. Deeeelish!!
(ps…I did it with my Sunday steak and my normal marinade and it was also amazing!)

Bon Appetit!!

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  1. Hi Jeanine! I just finished reading an article about how amazing scrambled eggs are with mayo…’Mayoneggs’…1 Tbsp. Mayo for each two eggs, salt, pepper, scramble slowly and voila!

  2. J,
    When I was going up my favorite steak was the one my mom made! She marinated shirt steak with a delicious concoction of Mayonnaise and Lea &Perrins Worcestershire sauce and garlic. Delicious, savory, tender!

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