Wandering Wednesday … Nantucket Part II

I was up early on day two of my Nantucket adventure to beat the heat and the crowds out at Brant Point Lighthouse. This was my “in town” and sailing adventure day and I walked for miles! I’m proud to say that I logged over 15,000 steps every day I was on the island. Makes it easier to eat all the amazing food!

The walk along Hulbert Ave. from the lighthouse to Steps beach is one gorgeous, large, home-on-the-water after another. So many homes on Nantucket have, what are called, widow’s walks (that railed balcony atop this home), where wives would look out to sea, waiting for the return of their mariner husbands, who often times never returned.

I spent some time strolling the cobblestoned streets of Nantucket town; did some shopping; had a delicious crab cake sandwich at Slip 14; met up with someone who I had met on a plane 7 years ago (whose maiden name happened to be Raab … what are the chances?); stumbled upon a book signing with Elin Hilderbrand (love her), a prolific author of some of the best beach reads that primarily take place on Nantucket and/or Martha’s Vineyard; and then headed over to Straight Wharf for an afternoon sail with Captain Jim of Endeavor Sailing.

with her dad … met Venessa on a plane over 7 years ago
Fun public art downtown

There were so many great highlights of this trip, but the sailing adventure was amazing!

I’d highly recommend getting out on the water in some way. I love the different perspective you get when you’re out on the water … and sailing is one of my favorite!

I hadn’t explored all of downtown, so I walked into town for a bit more shopping & strolling and then had a light dinner at or, The Whale, an homage to Melville’s book, Moby-Dick. It’s a charming little place where I could chat with people at the bar and enjoy some Wimbledon action on the TV.

charming cobblestone streets under a canopy of trees
Via Mare restaurant … this place reminded me of my sister, Mariellen, (who many call Mare),
but it wasn’t open when I strolled by earlier in the day

I got back to my place around 8 and slept pretty soundly after walking all day. My only regret is not making it to the Murray’s Toggery outlet (only open Friday & Saturday). The original Murray’s Toggery on Main St. is known for the iconic Nantucket Reds and has been around since the early 1900’s. The outlet is located at 7 New Street just outside of downtown.

Murray’s Toggery outlet … tucked away on a residential street outside of town

Another tip for anyone visiting Nantucket: DO NOT BRING HEELS! I saw many a tourist take off their heels in order to walk on the cobblestoned streets and uneven sidewalks. Save your ankles and leave those shoes at home!

Come back next Wandering Wednesday for a visit to Sconset (officially Siasconset, but everyone calls it Sconset). You won’t want to miss the beautiful homes and hydrangea!

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails!


  1. What a beautiful journey in Nantucket. It’s now on my bucket list. You are definitely my idol with your sense of adventure and just being able to go for it.


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